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  1. During the term of the Agreement and subject to the terms herein, Alliance Staffing Group, LLC will pay Referral Representative a one-time Reward payment at the rates specified below, for installation of Service to a Prospect location within the Territory, directly resulting from Referral Representative’s submission of a Referral Form in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  2. The following terms and conditions shall apply to Referral Rewards and this Schedule 1: (a) Rewards shall be paid within sixty (60) days of the end of the calendar month during which Alliance Staffing Group, LLC verifies that all of the below criteria for earning a rewards have been satisfied with respect to the referred Prospect. Customer must not already (or at any time during the 120 days immediately preceding the referral) be an existing Alliance Staffing Group, LLC customer of the Service. The referred Prospect must not already be identified as an existing referral provided to Alliance Staffing Group, LLC or have been previously referred to Alliance Staffing Group, LLC during the past 90 days or entered into Alliance Staffing Group, LLC’s residential or commercial order workflow system. Prospect must be accepted by Alliance Staffing Group, LLC (i.e., meet applicable credit, serviceability, and equipment requirements) Service must be installed at the Location, with equipment meeting Alliance Staffing Group, LLC’s specifications therefore and under Alliance Staffing Group, LLC’s standard Service agreement(s) Prospect must not have terminated (i.e., “deactivated”) Services on more than two (2) previous occasions In no event shall Alliance Staffing Group, LLC pay more than one reward or similar form of compensation for the same referred Prospect for the same product at the same Location. vii) No Rewards shall be payable for any non-eligible current customer accounts, and re-starts of Customer accounts less than 120 days from the disconnection date. (b) Charge-back: Alliance Staffing Group, LLC reserves the right to deduct from future reward amounts or require repayment of amounts paid to Referral Representative (collectively, “charge-back”) under the following circumstances:
  3. i) Early Termination or Cancellation: if referred Prospect fails to maintain Service for at least ninety (90) consecutive days immediately following Service installation (i.e. cancels service within 90 days from activation of Service).
  4. ii) Non-Pay: Referred Prospect fails to pay any amounts due for the initial 90 days’ of Service.

iii) Any fraudulent orders submitted to Alliance Staffing Group, LLC by Referral Representative or its employees or agents. For the purposes of this paragraph, a “fraudulent” order form includes without limitation, any order form submitted by for a Prospect who is induced by Referral Representative to terminate a pending order not generated by Referred Representative; or

(iv) Any knowingly misrepresentation by Referral Representative of the prices, terms or conditions of Services, promotions or other services offered by Alliance Staffing Group, LLC.

  1. b) Alliance Staffing Group, LLC may revise Schedule 1, including without limitation, increasing or decreasing reward, adding or deleting Service plans (and corresponding rewards) and revising Schedule 1 terms and conditions upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to Referral Representative. rewards are only payable for installed units of the Services resulting from Referral Form approved by Alliance Staffing Group, LLC. Alliance Staffing Group, LLC’s tracking of installations shall determine when a reward is owed. Rewards shall only be paid with respect to the Service plan(s).

Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, upon termination or expiration of the Agreement (other than a termination for a breach by Referral Representative), Referral Representative shall be entitled to receive reward earned through the date of termination, and thereafter Alliance Staffing Group, LLC shall have no further payment obligation in any way related to the Agreement.

One Time Referral Reward –$25 per activated Customer

Referral Reward Paid within 60 days after the month in which installs occurred and are calculated to above Schedule 1

Referral Unit is defined as an Installed Residential or Commercial Service to a “Residential or Commercial Geographic location” within the serviceable Territory.