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Scottsdale is a city situated in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona. It is a city known for The Desert, Resorts, Art and Shopping. Scottsdale, Arizonais adjacent to the Greater Phoenix Area and is situated in the Salt River Valley. In the streets of downtown Scottsdale, more than 100 galleries line. This city in Arizona shares its boundaries with several other entities and municipalities.


Scottsdale, Arizona was formerly inhabited by the Hohokam, when they farmed the area and a complex network of canals was developed by them from 300 BC to 1450 AD. The U.S. Army Chaplain Winfield Scott visited here in the early to mid of 1880s and purchased 640 acres of land in the year 1888 with his wife, Helen.


Scottsdale, Arizona is loosely divided into four areas which are:- South Scottsdale, Downtown Scottsdale, North Scottsdale and Central Scottsdale. This city in Arizona is also known as the home to a various chapels, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other religious worship places.


It is popular for the corporate retail outlets and independent boutiques. The Scottsdale Community College is the first primary institution of higher education in the city which was opened on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Reservation in the year 1970. The Scottsdale Culinary Institute as well as the University of Phoenix are the two most popular institutions of higher education in this city.


The Penske Racing Museum, Scottsdale Stadium, House of Broadcasting, Octane Raceway, Pinnacle Peak Park, Tom’s Thumb Trail, Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West and Old Town Scottsdale are some of the popular in this city which are highly visited by the tourists.


CenturyLink™ Internet Scottsdale AZ provides excellent quality Internet, phone and TV services in Scottsdale, Arizona. As compared to other service providers, CenturyLink is preferred most by the people in Scottsdale, because of its quality services, experience and affordable rates. This popular company admired its every client with its services.

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So far Century Link is easy, navigable, doesn’t lag, and actually kind of fun. If you’re a Uverse customer, this is the closest thing you’ll find that runs like Uverse. So far I love Century Link, and will tell any and everyone to choose them before you choose Cox.

Cox makes you sign a 2 year contract, which is kinda stupid seeing how most people’s leases are a year. Century Link only makes you sign a year, which I am way more comfortable signing.

Century Link ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Chz W.

The connection is solid, reliable, and not subject to a rush-hour slowdown like cable internet. If the cable goes out, I can still get online. Every time, and that counts for something.

For me, reliability and solidity are everything, and for the price I just don’t have to worry about it like I did with Comcast. I know the price up front, the bill is the same every month, and there are no surprises.

Matthew M.

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