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Get a Great Deal With CenturyLink™ in Bellingham, WA

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Bellingham is a green and rapidly growing Pacific Northwest city in the county seat of Whatcom County, U.S.  In the county seat of Whatcom County, it is the largest city. Bellingham is alive, with the historical museums, vibrant theater, fine arts as well as gourmet restaurants. This city is around half way between Vancouver and Seattle.


This city in the U.S. state of Washington was formed in the year 1903 and is now the 13thlargest city in the state. It was formed when the cities of Fair haven and New What com were combined from four separate settlements.


Fairhaven Historic District, Whatcom Falls Park, Lake Padden Park, Mount Baker Theater, Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, Nooksack Falls , Boat Tours, Lake Whatcom, Chain Lakes Loop, Clayton Beach and Stimpson Family Nature Preserve are the places which are not only popular in Bellingham, but are also visited by the tourists in great amount. Each place has its own specialty and is loved by each visitor.

Phone and Internet Services:-

This city in the county seat of Whatcom County is not just the Northwest gem of the city, but also represents all the region has to offer. In Bellingham, the best quality internet access is offered by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink is highly admired by the people in Bellingham for its internet and phone services. Most of the Bellingham area is provided the best and affordable phone as well as internet services by CenturyLink™ Internet Bellingham WA.


Bellingham is a city which is also known as home to the Western Washington University. It has numerous local storefronts and museums. The people of this city always keep them updated. There are some places in Bellingham where the traditional wired service does not reach, however even in such places, the fixed wireless service is provided by CenturyLink™ Internet Bellingham WA.

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So far Century Link is easy, navigable, doesn’t lag, and actually kind of fun. If you’re a Uverse customer, this is the closest thing you’ll find that runs like Uverse. So far I love Century Link, and will tell any and everyone to choose them before you choose Cox.

Cox makes you sign a 2 year contract, which is kinda stupid seeing how most people’s leases are a year. Century Link only makes you sign a year, which I am way more comfortable signing.

Century Link ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Chz W.

The connection is solid, reliable, and not subject to a rush-hour slowdown like cable internet. If the cable goes out, I can still get online. Every time, and that counts for something.

For me, reliability and solidity are everything, and for the price I just don’t have to worry about it like I did with Comcast. I know the price up front, the bill is the same every month, and there are no surprises.

Matthew M.

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