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CenturyLink™ Internet Seattle WA!

Did you know that the first settlers of Seattle, Washington were Native Americans? They inhabited the area for at least 4, 000 years before the coming of the first European settlers in 1851. As a large city with a total of 704,352 residents, Seattle has been the fastest growing major city in the country in 2013 and the fifth in 2015.

The city also suffered a lot from the damages of World War II. Boeing Company played a partial role in its progress when it made Seattle, Washington the center for the manufacture of aircrafts. Later, it was established as a technology center being the origin of Microsoft and Amazon. Of course, the availability of internet, television and home phone services in the city are unlimited with the presence of providers such as CenturyLink. Expand your entertainment and communication experiences when you avail of their Home Phone and Prism TV services.

Several home services are available including CenturyLink™ Internet Seattle, WA

CenturyLink internet in Seattle, WA offers up to 100mbps of internet download speed depending on your location. It can be paired with Prism TV services for more than 350 channels. You can also choose to add a Home Phone service to your plan. The best thing about opting for bundle packages is to enjoy the same satisfactory performances by saving more in just one billing.

Seattle, Washington is not only known for its remarkablecommerce and technology. It is also the birthplace of music sensations such as Neema, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Change. What more? It is also the foundation of the music genre, grunge.

Don’t get bored and get the most out of the city’s outdoor activities. You can spend the holidays and vacations inside the town with your family and create a schedule for boating, swimming and hiking or snowboarding in the winter.

Go on and visit Seattle and learn more about the city. Education, Health, Transportation and other utilities such as electric, internet and water are well served in the area. So, what more are you looking for?

City of Bellingham

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is the leader in making your online Iife more accessible, more affordable, and less complicated. Give us a call today to see what services your address qualifies for.

  • Consistent fast speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Direct Connection to our nationwide network
  • Video streaming made easy
  • Like gaming? Not a problem with speeds up to 40mbps

Save Even More When You Bundle Your Internet Service With Phone or DIRECTV From CenturyLink™

Get two incredible services for one low price with the Double Savings Bundle. Enter your address for pricing and to see what Internet & Phone Services are available at your home.

So far Century Link is easy, navigable, doesn’t lag, and actually kind of fun. If you’re a Uverse customer, this is the closest thing you’ll find that runs like Uverse. So far I love Century Link, and will tell any and everyone to choose them before you choose Cox.

Cox makes you sign a 2 year contract, which is kinda stupid seeing how most people’s leases are a year. Century Link only makes you sign a year, which I am way more comfortable signing.

Century Link ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Chz W.

The connection is solid, reliable, and not subject to a rush-hour slowdown like cable internet. If the cable goes out, I can still get online. Every time, and that counts for something.

For me, reliability and solidity are everything, and for the price I just don’t have to worry about it like I did with Comcast. I know the price up front, the bill is the same every month, and there are no surprises.

Matthew M.

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