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Get a Great Deal With CenturyLink™ in Tuscon, AZ

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Get a Great Deal With CenturyLink™ in Tuscon, AZ

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Situated on an alluvial plain in the Sonoran desert at an elevation of 806 m above sea level, Tuscon was originally home to the ancient Native American Hohokam people who are popular for their red on brown pottery and vast irrigation canal systems before the when Spanish soldiers founded the area in 1775. The Spanish name of the city (tuk’son) is derived from the word “CukṢon” in the O’odham language that translates to ‘at the base of the black hill,’ referring to the Sentinel Peak that appears black as it is covered in basalt. Tuscon is the second most populated city in the Arizona state and is also the county seat of Pima County.

Since it is surrounded by five ranges of mountains, Tuscon enjoys hot summers and temperate winters. The cost of living index in Tucson is less than the national average and the unemployment rate of the city is significantly lower than the state and national average. The development of the University of Arizona brought a huge amount of economic development and is currently the second biggest employer in the city.

Retail trade, construction, accommodation and food services, administrative and support and waste management services, educational services, manufacturing, and public administration are the leading industries in the city. CenturyLink™ Internet Tuscon AZ is very well connected city with great Internet, telephone and TV services. CenturyLink™ Internet Tuscon AZ is one of the leading providers that offer wired internet service at cost effective subscription options to cater to the already huge and increasing demand for high-speed internet in the city.

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So far Century Link is easy, navigable, doesn’t lag, and actually kind of fun. If you’re a Uverse customer, this is the closest thing you’ll find that runs like Uverse. So far I love Century Link, and will tell any and everyone to choose them before you choose Cox.

Cox makes you sign a 2 year contract, which is kinda stupid seeing how most people’s leases are a year. Century Link only makes you sign a year, which I am way more comfortable signing.

Century Link ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Chz W.

The connection is solid, reliable, and not subject to a rush-hour slowdown like cable internet. If the cable goes out, I can still get online. Every time, and that counts for something.

For me, reliability and solidity are everything, and for the price I just don’t have to worry about it like I did with Comcast. I know the price up front, the bill is the same every month, and there are no surprises.

Matthew M.

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