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Whether you are planning to visit or looking for a new dwelling to work or do business, Waxhaw, North Carolina is sure a place that will make your moments more memorable. It is a small town which got its name from the American Indians who were the first settlers of the town. The seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson was also born here and one of the parks present in the area was named  after him. There are other scenic parks and museums  available to visit like the Waxhaw Skate Park, Cane Creek Park and The Museum of the Waxhaws.

If you are a fan of fresh-from- the-farm products, Waxhaw is home to several local farmers who are proudly growing and selling their products at the famous Waxhaw’s Farmers Market. And, if you love taking photos, your time and effort will not be wasted in this naturally beautiful town. Enjoy various outdoor activities such as trail hiking while shooting breathtaking photos. Share unlimited pictures with your friends online by purchasing any of the Windstream internet plans. Windstream is one of the trusted internet service providers in Waxhaw, North Carolina. They deliver satisfactory performances to individuals, residents, small businesses and even enterprises. Depending

on your location, you can avail of Windstream internet in DSL or cable type. You can enjoy up to 1Gbps of internet speed which is also very ideal for small and large businesses. Aside from internet, Windstream also provides its recipients with affordable yet reliable phone lines. Waxhaw is indeed one of the nearest-to- perfect towns to do business and for family dwelling. Basic amenities such as schools, health and religious facilities are present in the area. The town has also sufficient water and electricity and offers other services like home heating, waste collection and recycling services. Do not forget to avail of any Windstream internet service to complete your stay in Waxhaw. Visit the town to know more of the interesting things it can offer you.

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I’d never even heard of Windstream before moving here. I’m in a new development that had fiber optic pre-built into every unit. Naturally, I’m going to go with Windstream 1G fiber. It’s been a month and the speeds are terrific. I get 2-300mb regularly and accessing sites like Netflix or Google, I can get about twice that.

Harry C

I’ve used Windstream for over 3 years. I have little to no issues in my area Waxhaw, NC and when I had a problem, I called and a Windstream Technician came out the SAME DAY! Windstream service is more reliable than my other Cable Service was.

Willlows H

Windstream is Excellent. They handled my issue right away and professionally They also saved me money at the same time! I would recommend Windstream Internet Service in Waxhaw, CE.

Richard G.

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